Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sr. Anne Louise and Sr. Susan Elizabeth Receive Community Blessing

On Tuesday, May 21st, Sr. Anne Louise and Sr. Susan Elizabeth went to Sacred Heart Monastery in Yankton, South Dakota to attend the Novice and Director Institute.  Benedictine Novices from around the country will be gathering to learn more about the Benedictine life and to have the opportunity to share their experience of religious life with one another.  It is also an opportunity for their Formation Directors to connect with one another and learn from each other.

At the end of Mass on Tuesday morning, Sr. Anne Louise and Sr. Susan Elizabeth were called forward to stand before the community so that they could receive the community's sung blessing.  After Mass we gathered by the front door of the monastery to hug them goodbye and to wish them well on their journey.

We invite you to join us in praying for both of them and all the novices and directors who will be gathering at Sacred Heart Monastery.  They will return to us on Friday, May 31st.  We will be eagerly awaiting their return and look forward to learning all about their  experience.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


We are called by God to do something with our lives, to live with purpose.  I'd like to share Pope Francis' word around the important issue of call. In the Vision E-Letter, one finds the following:

"IN HIS WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS ADDRESS earlier this month, Pope Francis asked the young people in the crowd: Have you sometimes heard the Lord's voice, in a desire, in a worry, did he invite you to follow him more closely? . . . Have you wanted to be apostles of Jesus?  . . . Ask Jesus what he wants of you and be brave! Be brave! Ask him this!

Then at a Confirmation ceremony this past Sunday, Francis told the confirmants: "Remain steadfast in the journey of faith. Listen carefully, young people, swim against the tide; it's good for the heart, but it takes courage."
The Pope's repeated appeals for bravery and courage serve as reminders to all of us that Christian discipleship requires hard choices and selfless acts. "We Christians weren't chosen by the Lord to do little things," says Pope Francis."

What are you called to do with your life?  Every day we are called to stretch the tent of our heart to be something bigger.  Bigger for God and bigger for others!