Monday, September 24, 2012

. . . arriving from around the country!

It is a beautiful fall day in Beech Grove, Indiana.  The temps are in the 60's - just perfect for a brisk walk.  It is quiet around the monastery as everyone goes about their Monday duties.  Soon, however, there will be lots of activity as sisters from around the country come connect and learn from one another as they spend a week at the Benedict Inn, our retreat center.

The sisters that are coming are sub-prioresses.  The term prioress is the name for the superior of a Benedictine women's community.  A sub-prioress is an assistant to the prioress.  They have the big job of making sure that life in the monastery runs smoothly.  I am sure that they will enjoy spending time with one another and learning from the sisters who will be giving presentations.

We are blessed to be able to host this group and share our hospitality with them.  We LOVE having Benedictine groups join us.  It is like having extended family visit.

Please keep them and us in  your prayers during this week of connecting and learning.  Blessings!