Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Becoming Holy One Day at a Time

     Lent!  A time of change, a time of transformation.   Through our baptism we are called to put on Christ, to grow in holiness.  It is through making the changes we need to make in our lives that we slowly put on Christ.  We commit to do this during the forty days of Lent.   As the ashes were placed on our forehead we began this process of change with all the fervor we could muster.
     It is now a week or so since those ashes marked our brow and it might be that the fervor we had on Ash Wednesday has begun to fade.  We realize that putting on Christ, becoming holy is not an easy task or one that is done once and for all.  It is a daily and sometimes tedious task that demands attention, intention and sacrifice.  Maybe that is why St. Benedict reminds us that we must “not aspire to be called holy before we really are, but first be holy so that we may truly be called so.”  Daily we must pay attention to our lives and with deep intention choose the way that leads to holiness.  Of course the path of holiness demands sacrifice but this sacrifice leads to fullness of life.             

     The Lenten journey we have started still has weeks to go and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the expanse of the journey. Yet, as we move forward, we move forward with Christ who teaches us what it means to grow in holiness.  Becoming holy happens one day at a time.  Let us continue on the Lenten journey that will take us more deeply into the love of Christ.